Like so many other musicians and artists during Lockdown, we've been determined to make music despite being unable early on to meet to play together. So from the outset, we agreed to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and do a spot of recording.

Steve got the ball rolling by sending Alex the mp3 versions of the drum tracks for 4 of our favourite shortened dance tunes by email.  Computer on, headphones on, phone ready to record, eyes closed.  What could possibly go wrong?  With the handy ability to remove herself from reality and head into daydream land, the backing track very easily created a gig setting. And so, though not in reality, Sarah's tooting of melodies and Steve's squeezing of the counter harmonies and bass were dancing about in the headspace, with the drums in the ears the harmonies flowed.

The recordings were then emailed back to Steve who mixed the drums with the fiddle, took out some (but not all) squeaks and then he set up the phone and recorded the counter melodies into his phone.

Sarah, who had been knee deep in school work provision throughout Lockdown then was the final piece in the jigsaw and at the start of the school summer holidays, Steve was able to pull everything together.  

Obviously, it's not perfect, but we're pleased with what we've achieved so we're sharing it on the website.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  You can hear the results of our Lockdown Project here

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