Using a pre-constructed backing track as part of our live sound has allowed us to do some recording while we’ve been in "lockdown". With each member of the band playing to the backing track, each in their own home and their own time, and the resulting recordings combined using Cakewalk software, we have created four tracks which will give an idea of how we sound on stage. (They are best listened to using headphones, if possible.)

Recording into our phones at home is never going to give as good a sound as when we play live through our PA, but we hope you can hear what we do well enough – and that it makes you feel like dancing.

Dance like no one is watching. And even if they are, dance like you don't care!

Or use Zoom to spread the word about our music and your dancing.

Abbots: Muineira/jig

a) Muineira Sul Sacrato Della Chiesa – Galician pipe tune (Trad.)

b) Abbots Bromley Horn Dance - ceremonial dance tune (Trad.)


Summer: 2-time Bourrees/jig

a) George Sands (Trad.)

b) Bourree Carree de Vouvray (Gilles Chabenat)

c) Boys of the Mill (Cliff Stapleton)


Turf: Jig

The Turf Lodge (Pipe Major Angus MacDonald)


Indian: 2-time Bourrees

a) Indian Summer (Richard Jones)

b) Ouaf Ouaf (Olivier Le Gallo)

All tunes arranged by Skylarking