The Band Members

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The band currently have three musicians who play a variety of instruments. Our caller Steve has a large repertoire of European dances and is eperienced in calling dances for all levels of ability.

Sarah Holmes

Sarah is a classically trained oboist who plays the wind instruments in the band. During a visit to the annual music festival at St Chartier, Central France, she bought a beautiful set of French bag-pipes and so began playing the Musette with the band. She has recently extended the instrument collection and now also has a Gaita (Spanish bagpipe) and a saxophone as well.

Steve Wiles

Steve is the band’s caller, with a repertoire of dances suitable for all ages and all levels of expertise. His main instrument is the melodeon, which he first picked up to provide music for Morris. His playing style acts like a rhythm guitar, sitting between the melody instruments and the bass. Having gone through Hohners and Salterelles, he currently plays a 3-row, 18-bass melodeon made by Bernard Loffet. Steve plays an Epiphone SG in cittern tuning and a conventionally tuned Fender Strat. He also uses Acid Music software to create the percussion backing tracks: a sound that is regularly heard in discos and clubs, but rarely backing melodeons and bagpipes.

Alex Bartholomew



Alex started playing the violin aged 7, is classically trained and played in local youth Chamber/Symphony orchestras. Alex has had her current violin for over 20 years. It's believed to have been made in Markneukirchen, Saxony - a town famous for making instruments for over 300 years and is thought to be just under 250 years old.

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